Recently for a trip I bought a new camera, thinking I might take some shots of interesting things as part of my trip. I never was big on taking photos, not even with my phone. However I’ve found that I actually quite like it now that I have a decent camera.

That camera is an Olympus SH-25MR 16 megapixel digital camera. It’s a “point and click” camera that has some “performance” features along with decent manual controls — such as being able to disable your flash and use manual focus. It also does full HD video and has a decent 12.5x optical zoom; any more and you’d have to have a very steady hand I think, especially for video. It also has a good range of decent in-camera filter effects along with capture modes, including panorama.

I bought it for these features, as I’m a novice photographer but wanted a camera I could grow with as my skills developed. Which a regular “point and click” camera wouldn’t of provided me with, but this camera does, not to mention that my timing was great and I picked one up for an absolute bargain.

Use the Photo menu to have a look at the results; will be updated with more photo-sets when I get the time.

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