Past Presentations

The following are available as PDFs (click above images):

  • More from the Less of Design: was a talk that I gave at Freeplay (2007) based on a previous published feature for Develop (2003).
  • The Technology Pipedream: is a talk that was given at the now defunct Australian Game Developers Conference (2004), as well as, the first Freeplay (2003) event.

Level Design Methodology

After Fallout Tactics was completed I drafted a level design methodology, Levels of Complexity (2001), as part of a set of level design focused articles for Gamasutra. Though only partially published, it did result in an invite to speak at the 2002 Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) on design. However, I had to pass on speaking at the event due to my then employer’s wishes.

The methodology itself remains unpublished in full; though I have sought opportunities at times to do so. It is one of the first level design methodologies proposed, for what was then still a relatively new and ill-understood field: Level Design. Some may argue that it is still poorly understood (and valued) today within and out of the industry.