The Sprinting Dead


Once Upon A (PG-Rated Family-Friendly) Time…

First off let me say that World War Z is not as bad a film as I thought it was going to be, especially as I know better than to expect the film to reflect the book word for word. I know enough about narrative to know that that is just impossible. You’re best bet of doing that would be if this were a TV mini-series based on the book, where each episode was based upon one of these stories found within the novel. Your other alternative (perhaps) is to use the material for a game – which has its own bag of problems I won’t get into.

Though I guess you could try and make a Zombie version of Once Upon A Time In America (1984) in way of scope and length — the 2012 cut is 259 minutes, that’s 4 hrs and 19 minutes. It’s worth noting that the original 229 minute movie was a box office failure, and, NO studio would currently make a 4 hour zombie movie let alone a 3 hour one. They are just not brave enough to take that kind of financial risk on a horror movie, nor are they smart enough to pull it off — see Exhibit A: World War Z.

Anyway to sum WWZ up, it’s not a great film but it is a watchable film that I feel comfortable giving a 7/10. But if that isn’t enough then read on weary zombie survivalist… Continue reading

And Your Future Is Rosy

Feign madness but keep your balance

Well, if you’re one of the regulars – actually I kid, due to my neglect I have NO regulars just people that have lost their way navigating the perilous Web-O-Porn – then you’re probably wondering what happened with that Screen Australia business I posted about last. Absolutely nothing of significance. After not being happy with what amounted to a couple of hours of investigative work the Commonwealth Ombudsman came back with, after having to chase them up weeks later. I made them at least try to do a decent job rather than putting it into the too hard basket and hoping it would go away. Continue reading

Welcome To Your Future

Everyone has to answer to someone…

Well, it’s been 5 months since my last blog. I guess I can make excuses, that I’ve been very busy, which I have. But honestly, all it takes is a different approach, writing shorter blogs for example. And that problem is solved. I think part of the problem was just not having anything I cared to write, especially gaming. Continue reading

DXHR: Or, How I Learned to Hate Regenerative Health! Part 2

No sir, I don’t like it!

Well, let’s see if I can get this second part wrapped up by the end of the year, even if a bit rough around the edges. So, where was I… Yes, the new blight upon gaming called regenerative health. I’ve said it before and if it didn’t come across strongly enough, I’m not a fan of this kind of system as I think it ends up making the game far too easy for anyone who isn’t a retarded lobotomised monkey. This is best left for those players picking the EASY difficulty option to play. Continue reading

DXHR: Or, How I Learned to Hate Regenerative Health! Part 1

Focusing on the Negative

Welcome to another sporadic installment of my off again on again game dev blog. It’s long overdue as I’ve been awfully busy wrapping up a masters and juggling multiple projects; why it’s taken so long to get around to completing and posting this blog. And since it’s a bit pointless to blog about Deus Ex Human Revolution, considering that it came out months ago. I’m instead going to start of with it and then segue into a growing irritance of mine with so called “AAA” titles. An industry service announcement about a blight on gaming that I can only conclude is due to laziness, short-sightedness, and, greed. Continue reading

The Technology Pipedream

The Shape of Things to Come

I wasn’t going to bother writing another blog of mine until Deus Ex: Human Revolution came out later this month, but, the last week or so has been interesting. Interesting for 3 reasons: Brisbane Euclidean’s Infinite Detail tech video, rumours of Team Bondi merging with Sydney KMM Games, and, the US and Europe financial meltdowns. Continue reading