Game Mods

Fallout 3 Redux – WIP


F3REDUX is an overhaul game mod for Fallout 3 that can be found here.

An overhaul mod doesn’t just add new weapons to the game, or the odd quest, they tend to modify all aspects of the game to some degree. Which is what F3Redux does, in that it modifies base mechanics along with adding new ones, doing the same for items, weapons and NPCs found in the game.

It started as a basis for my Master’s research completed in 2011, into level design methodologies. The research had a focus on quest development for open-world games. To that end, the mod was intended to add a range of quests to the game that complimented the primary (or critical path) of quests to the game. The public release, however, lacks many of these quests.

Unfortunately as there was no hard deadline to complete the mod, it ballooned in scope due to using the mod as a primary source of developing new skills. This purpose has been taken over by other projects, and I hope with a tighter focus, I can tie off some loose ends, fix some critical bugs, and make a final release available to the public with playable quests. Bringing this project to a close.







K2TSLR is a re-texturing project for Knights of the Old Republic: The Sith Lords — the “R” on the end stands for remastered. Currently a teaser of Telos is available for download, mostly for feedback and debugging purposes.

The aim is to complete all the environment re-textures before releasing it; these re-textures for the most part are re-sized, enhanced and tweaked original textures, with a minority of textures replaced with new ones. This lets me churn them out much faster without having to worry about it not fitting the game world.

Basically it’s a texturing exercise to push my texturing skills further.